Directions To Travel in’

Travel in' From The Sea

You can always pull up to Travel ‘in in your skiff or hovercraft, but we recommend taking the beach road.

Directions From Mahahual Town

Travel in’ is 5.8 kilometers from town (measured from the lighthouse) on the beach road. It’s actually a very nice drive, with some beautiful views. Just keep your eye out for potholes and don’t drive too fast.

Drive south through Mahahual (pueblo). The beach road is the only road heading out of town on this side. Pass through a fairly well-developed stretch of beach.

Next you’ll drive along an area called Punta Tam, which is a bit less developed. Punta Tam ends where a small brdge crosses the only water outflow in the area. This is where reef fish and creatures come in to spawn in the mangroves. Sometimes the water here is stained red or brown by the mangroves – food for the reef! Look out for fishermen and fishing birds.

Soon you’ll pass Maya Luna, then Balamku Inn, with its distinctive round towers.

Travel in’ is just a little bit down the road from there. You can’t miss us or our sign on the right!

Please park in the spaces off the driveway on the far side of the restaurant. We’ll see you here!

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