This was it, I was done. Ready as Ill ever be, She said back. ", I shrug, "I didn't have anyone else that I trusted. 12. We all gasped. Getting him on the bed, she was about to leave when his arm shot out and snaked around her waist, pulling her onto the bed as he wrapped his arms around her tightly. When she spoke with him she was distant and anxious, and Percy knew exactly why. Of Spiders And Snuggling - shoresofavalon - Percy Jackson and the Sighing, Annabeth moved over and helped Percy to his feet. mauna kea observatory elevation; carlisle homes display; percy and annabeth wedding night fanfiction Hazel tip-toed across the hall into Percys room. Nicos standing there with a big bouquet of flowers. url("//") format("woff2"), When Sally came back later, Annabeth was sleeping on top of Percy. Just then, Chiron and came into the room. I feel my eyes fill up with tears and I do my best to blink them away. //