Did not talk for more than a week. She also watches my stories as well and not a single story has she missed out on ever since then but im reading into it too much and I dont want to be hopeful. I woke up the next day and said sorry for last night being weird she replied that she was so happy that she can share things like with me and that now she knows Im here for her and she can count on me for anything and that she will be here for me as well this was a week before christmas. We are talking again and spending some time but its not the same. In order for me to give you exact advice, I will need to have a conversation with you to understand the relationship. We just celebrated our anniversary last month. You are wrong about the last part. In this time, because of how I was acting she told her parents about what I had done because she thought wed never be together again. She out of the blue said she was unhappy but it was nothing that I had done. Creating this space is crucial for getting her attraction back. I met my girlfriend through internship last year and we got together because of mutual feelings. Please help me. Tip # 3 Become confident and happy. Lj, Just last week she seemed different and asked she needs time and space to think. I know this is a difficult time for you and I know it can be very overwhelming. Hi Apollonia, If you need more coaching through this then Id encourage you to book a session. She knows I that I still love her and want her back based on prior conversations. In order to get advice pertaining to your situation, I would encourage you to book a coaching session with her so she can help. Take this time to deal with the pain and be there for your family, I would encourage you to watch our videos on our youtube channel to understand what it might be going through her mind. Thanks, She came over to see me day befor yesterday ended up just taking the rest of her things tried to kiss her she said no very short hug then got in her car texted her that night and she she replied ( whats up ) and (just sitting here) then no nothing next morning i said happy Easter and 815 am ahe message (Happy Easter! Any tips or advise as Im giving her space but feel shes not missing me as she sees me every day in the office ? This article tells me what I want to actually do, that often times I dont have the strength to do because I fear growing apart. Or she thought you ignored her. Due to my busy schedule if you want more advice from me I would be happy to get on a coaching call with you! Best, Hope this helps and stay strong. Focusing on you and showcasing your change instead of voicing it will be the dynamic shift you are looking for in the relationship. We both cried sitting next to each other. It is suddenly happen after i was hanging out with her. Hi Apollonia, The key here is finding the value that you offer her and not having to make up for the things that YOU think you may lack. It's egotistical and manipulative behavior in order to get your partner to apologize, chase you, When a woman tells you she needs space, dump her. We talked for awhile and she said text me later tonight. She stated that when I come down we needed to go to relationship counseling and I agreed to it. I feel as if shes confused as to what she wants but I do not know if giver her space will solve that as she has never said she needed it. Space can be from a couple of hours to a couple of days or weeks, says Ruiz, though he generally doesnt recommend his clients take longer than 3 to 4 weeks. We dont have as much sex as before because we both still live with our parents and in the process of getting our own apartment. Its important to have a conversation about what you both need and work out what the ideal is for you both. Apollonia, I was dating this girl for about a month then she broke up with me cause she couldnt handle school , and sorority and she felt she couldnt give me the relationship I wanted . Start your social life. My only question is how will she see any positive changes with me going forward, if we are not corresponding during this time of her needing a break? I would encourage you to book a coaching session here so we can help. We started going out with eachother, things got intimate between one an other, we both said we loved eachother, we met eachothers parents, things were looking good. For the last 2 weeks since we made new contact, we do talk daily, but there are some days she is distant and others more friendly. Heres the link to where you can do that. it sound like you might need more time to work on yourself. And she wants to spend her life with me and she is completely sure of it. Now Ive reflected upon myself, I saw my faults, I blamed the world for our lack of time to see each other when I was the one that chose this job and chose to date her, I have to find the balance, and further I started training again, fixing my woodwork machine, Ive doing a lot and I feel so much more happier, confident and just amazing, yet we still talked, and then I told her last night, after she said that she still doesnt feel ready to see me, that maybe we should not talk at all, cause I was the knife and by talking to me were just opening the wound and not healing it, she felt like she didnt want to break all contact, but Im trying to break it. I mean its only 7 days. Once you change that mindset and gain more confidence that will change the dynamics of the relationship. Im not sure, I really do see lots of things that I messed up on doing in these past 2-3 weeks when she became distant, and all I want to do right now is call her and say that Im working on all of them. Start really working on yourself and seeing where this is coming from because otherwise its going to keep coming up. If she asks for a few days or weeks of alone time, give it to her. sorry i havent replied ive been chasing children all day i hope youve had a good day)at 9.03pm i said (mine was pretty good yours?) Thanks in advance :/, Hey AD, thank you for taking the time to read When She Says She Needs Space. Ive also seen so many places in the past that I could have improved on I turned into someone that wasnt the man she fell for and I wish I could tell her that Im working on all of those aspects and traits in myself. After no contact is time to showcase your change and you want to make sure you make the necessary changes and also continue to put yourself first because no one deserves to be someones last option on an option they know that will be around until they make the choice. 10 things it means when she says she needs time - Hack Spirit She said she still love me but she kinda dont know what she need to do right know. when something imp then she responding otherwise not .. Im a hard working guy, father to an 8yo, who always has house/yard projects going, and I also like to connect with my friends regularly. Working on you and not being clingy will be the first step. My girlfriend said she needed space after I had a bit too drink and asked if she saw us getting married. My gf suddenly broke up with me telling she wants to be alone, she wants to go back to herself and dont want commitment. From all of this shes reached out to me once about a second job she got I congratulated her and left it at that. Me and my girlfriend were in a relationship for last 1 year and recently she said she doesnt love me anymore hence Let her start to initiate hanging out with you. Me and my gf is 3 months now, and lately ive been thinking alot of things because if i saw her chatting some one she dont want me to see it because she saids its privacy. I dont know if were done or what but any advice would be great. Apollonia, I had this big fight with my girl recently.Im not sure whether the fault is mine or hers but i did speak certain rude things to her in anger like i told her she played with my feelings.She has now cut off from me and she speaks very rudely.She asked me to give her space but i didnt give it to her and ended up making it worse.I was afraid to lose her and i even begged her to stay.Things havee gotten worse where she doesnt want to even see my face or talk to me and she said that she even hates me. Let her text you, let her call you, allow her to initiate contact with you. She also brought up religion because shes a huge devout Baptist and Im a Muslim, but not as devout or religious. Understand that it is impossible to never irritate your partner. Best, I know its hard but I believe stepping back and giving her space to figure things out will help her and you. I moved away that long ago and we havent seen one another until a month ago. This is what a woman looks for in a man. We both have expressed how much we have grown on each other and really care and like one another. We were living together also and then moved out because she wants space. While I would like nothing more than this, I think its good to give her space for now. I always worry about things I shouldnt. She needed space. https://www.apolloniaponti.com/private-coaching-2/ If you feel like youre being dependent on her for your own happiness then I would suggest pulling back, dont contact her, let her reach out to you and focus on building your life right now. I still love her, please how do I get her back. We would see each other over the weekend sometimes difficult bc of exhusband not picking up son. Best. She found another job, cause it pays better as well then we can actually date, cause she cant date customers as well as I. I think Im move venting then actually asking questions, but do you think Im doing the right move? Apollonia. I agree that there were silence moments between us because (from my point of view) she was under stress from moving from her own studio back to their parents (with not a pleasant home situation) and from the Examination Committee of her university due to fraud (which is resolved fortunataly with no negative consequences for her) . After that things got really bad and bad, our communication is bad. Apollonia. I gave her space, just a simple hows it going message a day and thats it. Is there a chance I can fix this? What should I do? Hello Tomson! 3. I convinced her for another opportunity as just got off . I asked, should we just end the relationship. Her texts became very dry, and me being the over thinker that I am, started to think for the worst. I asked if there is anyone else and she said no. It started in mid-January when she had a health scare. Is she going to contact me or not?. She initially went to therapy for it and got over her former abuser, but shes having repressed feelings come back because her cousin, who moved in with her and her parents temporarily at the beginning of February (and still does live with them), is causing her to have nightmares and other issues about her former abuser because her own cousin got kicked out of his exs house because he was abusive to his ex. I definitely dont think this is the end. So, I told her well take time to ourselves and see where it goes/well have our me time and see what happens (i said both). I am not going to lie I have not handled it 100% great. And she has found this group of friends who go out for parties and event everyday. I am willing to make changes to this for the sake of making this work because I love her, but we havent had anything like this happen to us before and Im not sure what to do. Youll get the attraction back when you love yourself and find your values and know your worth. Hi Jeremy, Weve never been official, but we act like a couple and hangout, go on some dates, and sorry if this is too much info, we have amazing sex. Well we had a great time. She told me that she is unhappy with herself, she wants to go back to school, and wants to work on being happy in her own skin (my parents had told me that it looked like she was putting on weight). She always mentioned she wanted to live here even if when we just met and had no relationship, so she likes here. Due to my extremely limited time, I hope you can book a coaching call with me so we can go over this and figure out the steps you need to take next! But last week but one I had an emergency and I asked for her help and she told me she cant be of help right now so I was all cool but then she said ive been thinking about it all along and cant support me at all and that she needs a break up. I would look up Attached by Amir Levine this is going to help with even more clarity. Later on that day her ex husband popped up and thats the first time I met him which everything was civil between us and was ok with me being there. We started off slowly and it intensified over the past few weeks. I find it difficult to not message at all, which I guess is also a problem. Secondly, she is mentioning that this relationship is not healthy. As she is young 26 and in London now she loves going out she has been going out with this group often. We spoke, were playful, etc. Hi Chris. During her stay I had lost my job as well but got another one within a few weeks and had CPS notified due to slandering but was cleared up so I was stressed as well. Hey Apollonia, We worked together in the same building. We nearly 3 years to together. She was my staff but a few months ago ttansfered to another company. Do I walk away or can I tell me how to make her mine again. 1 week passed by and she messaged me and we talked for 2 days straight and now were not currently speaking as maybe she went back to her space and I just found out recently that she deactivated her facebook account ONLY but kept the messenger open. I have a program called She Needs Space it gives you insights on what to do and how to act when a woman says she needs space. Its only been 1 week but how do I come up about this while wanting to be with her for the rest of my life but honoring the space? My wife and I have been married for about 3 years. she said she want to face life squarely cos she just finish varsity and she needs to get a job It is important to be patient and give her the space she needs. This girl seems like she is up and down and might not even fully love herself. This is the only way that you can dissect the relationship to see what you might have done wrong and how you can overcome this so you can support your partner now through positive actions and change. I told her im not the same person i was before and Ive proven for a lot of times and she could see it. Kumar. You dont know. later that night i messaged her if she still wanted to and she said she couldnt so i said this i understand hope you guys get some rest goodnight and she wrote me a whole paragraph of how i was upset with her so the next day i went over again without telling her to explain to her that i wasnt upset. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated! I still care about her though.